The Number One Grooming Request

by Michael on March 25, 2009 · 0 comments

In speaking to hundreds of women about what they like and dislike in men, the subject of grooming regularly comes up, usually in the form of their pet peeves, such as:

  • “The Uniform” (khakis and a polo shirt, often not ironed). In the Northwest this is often enhanced as “The REI Uniform” (khakis, polo shirt and Gore-Tex jacket).
  • Crunchy hair (hated more than no hair at all, by the way).
  • Ragged, obviously chewed nails.

C'mon over here. Don't ask questions, now hold still.

C'mon over here. Don't ask questions. Just hold still.

There are also a bunch that vary from woman to woman (chest hair, for example, is a very individual taste). But one item stands head and shoulders above the rest:

Guys, trim your nose hair.

If there’s one thing women can agree on, it’s their dislike for the hirsute of nostril. And I’d be right in there to defend you, my brothers…if it didn’t also gross me out. And if it wasn’t so damn easy to take care of.

First off, you don’t have to deal with it more than about once a week. Second, there are some wonderful modern tools that are actually kind of fun to use. Third, it will also drastically reduce the odds that, um, something will get caught in the tangle there in the middle of your big date.

Like a lot of guys, I started out using little scissors to snip out the excess. Now, if you’re short on cash or fear electric motors near your mucous membranes, that’s fine. Just for heaven’s sake get a pair of scissors with rounded tips so you don’t end up stabbing yourself. You’ll find them in the ladies’ grooming section.(Yep, they’ve got things to snip too.)

Now, though, I handle my nasal deforestation with a handy gadget made for the job. My current tool is the Remington NEDH-2500 Titanium Personal Trimmer. It’s cheap and it has two interchangeable heads: one for the nose and one to groom ears, unibrows, etc. Before that I used a Wahl product, and unfortunately I can’t recommend it. When I eventually need a replacement, the Groom Mate Platinum XL looks kinda badass.

With the battery-powered trimmer, it takes about 30 seconds a week to cut back the undergrowth. Don’t go crazy, though – the hair inside your nose helps cut down on the harmful particles you breathe in. Just get the visible stuff. And then you can work on avoiding the polo shirt sale at Macy’s.

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