Your Day Starts in Your Bathroom (or Hers)

by Michael on May 5, 2009 · 2 comments

If you’re like most guys, many of your bathroom habits were formed when you were a kid. Things like whether or not you floss regularly, your use of shampoo, conditioner or (ecch) bar soap on your hair, whether you brush your teeth or shower first, your choice of face soap, et cetera.

Of course, time marches on, and science advances exponentially, but we pretty much perform the same ritual every morning, with the primary changes either made out of convenience (like switching to an electric shaver) or something that we saw in the media (the million or so dudes dousing themselves in Axe body spray).

So chances are you’ve fallen behind the grooming curve. Meanwhile, women generally welcome new products and techniques with open arms (at least, the women most of us want).

Why he forgets to wash his hands. <i>Photo courtesy Details Magazine</i>

Why he forgets to wash his hands. Photo courtesy Details Magazine

Listen, you don’t have to make over yourself into a metrosexual, and I’m not advocating a major change to what you’re doing. What I would like you to do is to make one change to your grooming regimen.

The lowest-hanging fruit is to swap one item for an advanced equivalent. Using Ivory on your face after all these years? Grab a bottle of Neutrogena face wash instead. Yes, it’s initially more expensive, but a bottle should last you a long time. Swap that face-ripping disposable razor for at least a triple-blade with a comfortable handle, or at least replace the Foamy with some Nivea shave gel, or even better, an old-fashioned soap-and-brush. Instead of hair gel, try a nice texture cream.

Or add one item to your ritual. Not using a conditioner? It’s about time. Same with flossing. Apply a post-shave balm to keep your face hydrated without having to use the dreaded moisturizer. Puffy eyes? They make stuff for that, and it can make your droopy orbs feel awesome. Try a cologne – or if you’re currently using one, try using less.

Make a date once a week to get rid of some unwanted hair. Fire up the nose hair trimmer and deforest your visible nostrils. Tweeze that ear hair. Shave, pluck or wax your unibrow. If you’re feeling up to it, get out the clippers for some more extensive manscaping. When you’re done, clean up the hair.

Your whole day is set up with that first bathroom visit – these things will not only help you look better, they’ll help you feel better.

Oh, and speaking of bathroom rituals, washing your hands is never optional. Even if you’re A-Rod.

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G. May 13, 2009 at 3:38 pm

What condition are you using now? Do you recommend it?


Michael May 15, 2009 at 12:58 pm

Hey “G.” At home I use American Crew conditioner – it’s a men’s grooming line, and yes, I recommend it. When I’m at my girlfriend’s place I use whatever she’s got – it smells a little more floral than a conditioner oriented toward men, but it’s free.


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