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In my travels around the web, one severe deficiency I’m finding is a lack of sites to help an average guy dress better. Basically you have to go either with the standard AskMen or other Maxim-esque sites that show you the stuff they’ve been paid to promote that month, or with something like, where they cover Milan fashion week, clothiers in Dubai and $3000 alligator sneakers.

I did not know there would be algebra involved.

I did not know there would be algebra involved.

One site to watch is the interestingly named (kino in pickup-artist parlance is the art of touching a woman as you escalate the seduction), where their experts frequently offer entire outfits for your perusal. The style examples on the blog seem fitted for a young, slender man and frequently veer towards an über-trendy Asian style (the intention is to be noticed), but with a little imagination many of the featured pieces can be mixed and matched to suit any age or body type.

Style experts Jae and Ben also offer do’s and don’ts as well as tips on saving money and putting together your own unique look. If you really want to jump in the deep end of fashion, they also have forums where you can have the community critique your look.

Sometimes their advice is contradictory (one of their “40 Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes” is “An undershirt is just that – an undershirt,” but the very next post features a v-neck tee with a vest), but it only serves to point out that with a sense of style you can occasionally break the rules. So have a look around at and find some new pieces for your wardrobe.

Update 8/26/09: It appears that like so many other sites, Kinowear has ceased updating. The authors promise great new things, however, and that the original site will remain live. I’ll keep my eye on them.

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