This Just In: You Don’t Have To Be Brad Pitt

by Michael on June 28, 2009 · 0 comments

I’ve long suspected this, but now there’s scientific evidence that it’s true: women’s taste in men varies wildly.

In a study by Wake Forest University psychologist Dustin Wood and Claudia Brumbaugh of Queens College, more than 4,000 subjects were shown photos of various people and asked to rate their attractiveness.The research staff previously assigned attributes to each photo – for example, was the subject thin or fat, seductive or smiling – so that they could determine what attracts men and women to the opposite sex.

Not ugly, just a selective taste. (Flickr Photo by mtr0212)

Not ugly, just a selective taste. (Flickr Photo by mtr0212)

However, while the men participating in the study tended to agree on which women were most attractive, the female participants were all over the map, with some women finding a man highly attractive but others finding the same man not attractive at all.

While being of little consolation to women – the consensus among men was that they preferred thin, seductive-looking women – women tended to be much less in agreement, although it should be noted that they generally preferred their men to be thin and muscular (so get out those weights, guys!).

“Women who are trying to impress men are likely to be found much more attractive if they meet certain physical standards, and much less if they don’t,” Wood said in a press release. “Although men are rated as more attractive by women when they meet these physical appearance standards too, their overall judged attractiveness isn’t as tightly linked to their physical features.”

The bottom line here is this: don’t count yourself out for not being conventionally attractive. Women have a wide variety of taste, and a rejection from one just means she has different tastes. Remember, attraction isn’t a choice.

It also means that because most men are looking for the same women, you’ll need to improve your chances with those women by working on yourself.


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