Hump-Day Ponderings

by Michael on July 8, 2009 · 0 comments

It’s been a rough week personally, but I always get a kick out of reading the stuff fluttering around the Web. This week was no exception:

  • I Don’t Know Where to Start: Tight Squeeze: Making Room For a New Men’s Fashion tries to help the men’s-skinny-jeans movement get that momentum it’s been lacking for the past 3-4 years. The girls in the accompanying video feature say it all: “Skinny jeans for men??” But fear not, for skinny jeans with baggy asses are apparently on the way. (Bonus question: does everyone in Williamsburg, Brooklyn wear ’80s semi-obscure band t-shirts?) [The Wall Street Journal]

This is an actual person. They walked out of the house like this.

This is an actual person. They walked out of the house like this.

  • Most Misleading Title: The Death of Macho isn’t about the Village People at all. Instead it suggests that lack of construction jobs means that men are suffering more in the downturn, and the author apparently just discovered that many American households have dual incomes (gee, how do ya think the housing bubble got started?). [Foreign Policy]
  • Just Nodding: Kettlebell Essentials includes a couple of the duff kind of exercises I expect from the men’s monthlies, but kettlebell swings are awesome with a heavy enough bell. [Men’s Journal]
  • Dating World Round-Up: in 32% of singles ‘prefer prudent men’, we find that most British girls still won’t give you a second date if you whip out your coupon on the first, while in Dating scene disaster is all our own fault, the recommended solution is for Sydney’s women to read more Austen, after which I assume the men will suddenly stop liking Aussie Rules football.  [Google News | Sydney Morning Herald]
  • And Finally: 5 Common Mistakes Men Make in The Gym, just because the illustration makes me laugh (I’m not exactly sure what exercise he thinks he’s doing, or why there’s a doctor’s exam table in the gym). [About Everything Healthy]

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