Cheap Whitening Methods Neither Cheap Nor Whitening

by Michael on July 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Today’s Men’s Health Minute features two methods of making your teeth whiter that have proven to be pretty much old wives’ tales.

If only our teeth were glazed like tile...

Stains are so much easier to remove after a professional tooth glazing.

First, the Minute recommends you spring for an electric toothbrush, claiming it removes stains and plaque better than the hand-cranked model. Unfortunately, actual science has proven that electrics are no better than a manual brush. (Here’s a tip MH doesn’t give you: a “rotational-oscillation” (high-speed back-and-forth circular spinning) model will remove more plaque, which is good, but not necessarily more stains.)

Second, the friendly MH lady pushes some “whitening” gums at the camera. While both sugarless gum chewing and Xylitol are proven to prevent cavities (I’m infamous among my friends for having a pack of Stride handy at all times), whitening claims have been summarily dissed by the American Dental Association.

To sum up, if you’re already brushing your teeth and chewing sugarless gum, this video is a minute of your life you now don’t have to waste.

You’re welcome.

Get Whiter Teeth [Men’s Health]

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