Swingers: Not Just Entertainment, It’s Training

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I don’t know a single guy who’s ever seen Swingers and didn’t:

  1. Start interjecting, “Vegas, baby! Vegas!!” at the slightest provocation.
  2. Stand in awe of Vince Vaughn’s performance as Trent.

Believe it or not, Vince Vaughn was once actually slim.

Believe it or not, Vince Vaughn was once actually slim.

The breakout movie for both Vaughn and now-Iron Man director Jon Favreau was a character study in the smooth ladies’ man Trent and the pining, self-conscious Mikey (Favreau). The titular swinging refers both to the obvious dancing that their Saturday nights center around, and the old Rat Pack vibe that they bring to the proceedings (when they’re not playing Nintendo hockey).

Trent and Mikey have different ideas about what to do around women…well, Trent has an idea but Mikey doesn’t. In Vegas Trent plays “cocky and funny” to a T as he banters with the waitresses: “if you tell the bartender to go easy on the water, then this 50-cent piece has your name on it.”

Mikey, being the nice guy he is, takes issue with Trent’s behavior:

Mike: “What an asshole.”
Trent: “Baby, that was money!”
Mike: “I can’t believe what an asshole you are.”
Trent: “What are you talking about, she smiled!”
Mike: “She was smiling at what an asshole you are.”

Of course, Trent secures an immediate date with the waitress, and even convinces her to bring a friend for Mikey. Because Trent is money. Of course, the ending is that kind of Hollywood turnabout designed to make women nudge their guys and say “see?” …but I have already said too much.

Just see the movie (you may just want to buy yourself a copy). And after you do, hit up a this (perhaps too) detailed breakdown of Vaughn and Favreau’s teachings. Seriously. You too can be money.

Swingers! A Masterpiece In Its Own Right [Attract Women Anywhere]

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