DSA, YAW, SAW and Other Drunk Pickup Tactics

by Michael on July 21, 2009 · 0 comments

I was going to save this for the Hump-day link post, but it’s just too funny. Dating guru David Wygant is always good entertainment when he admonishes guys for “overmanscaping” and just plain whining, but this time he lets the horny drunks (as well as pickup artists and YouTube commenters) have it in a hilarious YouTube video where he coins a few new acronyms (because he understands how the “PUA guys” love them):

  • DSA: “Drunken Stupid Approach”
  • YAW: “Yell At Women”
  • SAW: “Scream At Women”

He kind of screws up his acronym for the “Streetwalk And Yell At Women” approach, but it’s not for the lack of trying. What he may not realize is that these aren’t the only methods these guys use to “meet” women – when they’re not drunk they hang out with that chick at the office who they hope one day will realize how good they could be together.

And guys who do these things: tyvm for enabling this humor. You rule. Nah, no need to chest-bump.

Be Authentic [DavidWygant.com]

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