Hump-day Wonderings

by Michael on July 21, 2009 · 0 comments

It was 87 degrees here on Tuesday, in a city where anything over 79 causes a critical mass of TV camerapeople at the fan aisle of Home Depot. If it’s steamy where you are, take advantage of some of these heat-beating tips from Lifehacker, and read our cool Wednesday links:

Sissiest street gang ever.

Sissiest street gang ever.

  • Let Me School You About Etymology: Let me school you about preppies takes NYC Prep to task for its characters not dressing “preppy,” apparently believing real prep schools have a mandatory dress code. And not understanding that “preppy” has always been an insult. And not realizing that it was sportscasters who popularized the sport coat. [Boston Globe]
  • Insert Joke Here: Single men over 60: Where are you? This is a double-edged sword: for an older man, Cleveland is apparently the place to get laid. On the other hand, it’s Cleveland. []
  • May You Never Be “Jaunty”: Feeling for … Pocket Squares is notable for its total overall demeaning unmanliness, from the use of “jaunty” as a term to describe men’s clothing to the photo of the shoulderless runway model wearing a v-neck shirt that looks like it was made for Shaq. [New York Times]
  • Where Were These When William Shatner Needed Them? Men, Breathe in and Hold It shows us a new paradigm in the “mirdle,” but I doubt it would work for Kevin James. And if I ever catch you referring to your “silhouette,” I swear I’ll punch ya. [New York Times]
  • The Tights Are Slimming: Walking, biking to work linked with better fitness drops the interesting discovery that only men seem to get the advantages of “active commuting.” Maybe it’s because we’re the ones willing to hold up traffic on 3rd Ave. with our bikes.
  • In a Down Economy, Silk Cravats Are First to Go: Conde Nast says goodbye to and claims it’s a “repositioning” issue, but in reality I think the vast majority of men could care less about Milan Fashion Week. [Crain’s]
  • At Least He Pulled The Damn Things Up: ‘I’m a little frumpy,’ Obama says, and explains he likes his “mom jeans” because they’re comfortable. Mr. President, we understand it’s not 1996 and showing off the waistband of your Calvin Klein boxers would be unpresidential, but a little more break at the ankle is all we ask.

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