Hump-Day Lessons

by Michael on July 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Didn't need no damn "skin enhancers."

Didn't need no damn "skin enhancers."

Predictions peg our high temperature at upwards of 100 degrees today, which would be an all-time record here. (Yes, you folks in Phoenix are crying me a river right now.) So know that I lost about half my body’s fluid acquiring you this week’s readings.

  • All in Love Really Is Fair: In Dish Readers on Romance, Andrew Sullivan is “struck by the degree to which different people adopt ethical codes and approaches of their own, many of them highly nontraditional.” And he writes for the Atlantic? [Atlantic Monthly]
  • I just like saying ‘Kat Fay’: Some men shaving more than their faces is the same story we’ve covered before (recap: porn + Gillette = generation of guys pressured to look like Bruno). However, it does reveal that apparently there’s an analyst named Kat Fay who writes an annual report on male grooming. No doubt while giggling. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • You Know Your Product is Doomed When…: New Men’s Product: Skin Enhancing Powders is a press release that basically spends its entire length letting you know the titular product is not makeup. And it’s sold exclusively on Fire Island… [Online PR News]
  • Time to Rethink That Profile, Magnum420gasm: Automatic Online Dating Dealbreakers completely blows away our concept of what makes a solid profile. Some of it makes total sense, but come on, “whats up” is an awesome icebreaker!!1! [The Frisky]
  • 1978 Called, They Want Their Article Back: Healthy diet and lifestyle cuts heart failure risk not only nags you like your mama to eat your vegetables and exercise, it also reveals that one of the keys to keeping your heart healthy is “eating breakfast cereals.” The makers of Cookie Crisp thank them for the overgeneralization. [Reuters]
  • Okay, They’re Just Piling On Now: Weight-Loss Could Improve Balance. What, I can look better, live longer, and stand upright? So what’s in it for me again? [RedOrbit]
  • First Rule of Date Club is Don’t Talk About Date Club: Real Men Give Real Relationship Advice from the Guy’s Perspective is a press release for, a site for women. Ever notice how guys never really complain about Santagati and the AsktheGuys guys? It’s because they’re in on the secret. Why else would the AsktheGuys guys use pseudonyms? [PRWeb] [[Note: the link, and the site itself, is no longer up.]]
  • Do I Have to Toss the Goldfish Too?: Break Up With Your Friends, the curmudgeonly David Wygant suggests, if they’re holding you back. Good advice, but I’m not sure anyone I’d have shared gum with was just a friend… []

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