How to Hydrate

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It's okay to ask a friend to help you.

You know, it's okay to ask a friend to help you.

The dog days of summer are here – summer festivals, sports, and even tailgating at the alma mater’s football games can take their toll on your fluid levels. You may think you’re gassed from a workout or tipsy from the Coors Light (seriously, Coors Light? You need better friends), but that headache, blurry vision or dizziness might just be a lack of H20.

On the other hand, that buddy pounding bottle after bottle of Aquafina might not be the smart one either. The old saw about drinking eight glasses a day (and did anyone ever actually do that?) has been thoroughly proven overkill, unless you’re an endurance athlete, in which case you’d be better served with an electrolyte drink.

Keep the happy medium with a few good tips:

  • When working out, hitting the courts, or getting on the trail, make sure you hydrate before you start, then drink about eight ounces of water for every 20 minutes you exercise. You’ll also want to drink 16 ounces of fluids for every pound you lost in a hard workout.
  • Monitor your urine: yellow means caution, clear means, well, you’re in the clear. And green — well, congrats on eating your asparagus.
  • Love your Pepsi or Starbucks? Good news: they count as hydrating fluids. Studies have shown a negligible difference in hydration between caffeinated beverages and plain water.
  • Not so fast, Coors man: alcohol will dry you out. Make sure to drink water before, during and after that tailgate party, to prevent compounding your eventual hangover.

You’ll find more tips to keep your blood watery at Men’s Health, and more hydration myths debunked (step away from the Gatorade, weekend golfers) at Lifehacker.

Mythbusting: Four Myths About Staying Hydrated Debunked [Lifehacker]

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