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by Michael on August 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Later, his top half stayed home while his bottom half went out to the Cher concert.

Later, his top half stayed home while his bottom half went out to the Cher concert.

Things have been pretty hectic here at Chez Michael, but never so hectic that I can’t spot some fine Internet links to shock and awe you. This week is no exception, with ritual head-shaving, silly women’s rules we choose to ignore, and guys just sitting around drinking beer. Preferably not in tights.

  • Next, Biggest Loser Contestants Test Frozen Pizzas: They shaved for you: Bald guys test products. Bald guys test products! Need I say more? Just don’t be confused — they’re testing head-shaving products. [Newsday]
  • Yet We Pasty Irish Want to be Darker: The title, Skin cream fairly profitable in India, seems to take on two tasks: chronicling the rise of “Fair & Handsome” skin lightening cream in India, while suggesting the market may not support a competitor. [American Public Media]
  • Aren’t They?: In ads, dads are always dumb jocks tries to paint a picture of stereotypes based on, say, the guy pouring out the sprinkles in the T-Mobile ad (what, in front of Catherine Zeta Jones?) but it’s the comments that add the bonus fun. [MSNBC]
  • I Thought There Were No Rules Down There: The Female Dating Rules: Part Deux sets us up with an Aussie hairdresser who realizes The Rules are basically kind of lame — but unfortunately doesn’t realize that it’s rules that are lame. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • So Much for the “Woman President Would Save the World” Theory: Would The “Beer Summit” Had Happened If Women Were Involved? reminds us that the “Beer Summit” wouldn’t have happened if there were women involved. Hey ladies: wanna know another way we settle our differences and become buddies? Fistfights. [The Frisky]

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