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I vill look so smaht at ze Fassbinder retrospective!

I vill look so smaht at ze Fassbinder retrospective!

I’m not especially proud of the turnout in Linksville this week. It’s just been a lean period for good men’s stories, unless you’re into dressing like it’s the ’50s, in which case I bet you know that Mad Men is starting a new season, because I don’t think I’ve seen a PR blitz like it since the Speed Racer movie.

And If The Post Can’t Out Them: GAYDAR: FALSE ALARM! The Post cries, in all its all-caps glory! Gay men are butcher! Un-gay men are more effeminate! Cats lie down with dogs! Toads rain from sky! Fact is, I never knew anyone with accurate “gaydar” anyway. [New York Post]

From the ‘Duh’ desk: Men Not Choosy in One-Night Stands tells us that scientists have found our standards to be a bit on the “don’t care” side when we’re approached for sex. In other words, y’all are one set of beer goggles away from being a Jerry Springer episode. []

Hey, If You’re in New York: Vain Glorious | Well Groomed at the Carlyle lets you know where a guy can go to get a “Black Diamond facial.” I’m still not sure if that phrase is safe for work. [New York Times]

Not Exactly Mad Men: Men show some ankle is basically an Aussie woman laughing at men who wear Capri pants. And trust me, you don’t want an Aussie woman laughing at you. [The Age]

Still Half-Tucking, I See: …and Harvard leaves itself open to a dressing-down is about just that kind of man. The market for these outfits is likely to be young urban German tourists. []

Believe It or Not, It’s an Eye Exam Promo: Men spend a year staring at women might be true, untrue (although I’ve probably spent much of the past year staring at my girlfriend alone), junk science or not even science at all, but it’s worth it for the photo. [Telegraph]

Five Words We Don’t Need to See Together: Pole dancing fitness for men? Yep, those are the words. [OC Register]

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