I Click It So You Don’t Have To: “Sip Smarter”

by Michael on August 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Men’s Health is one of the many sites in my RSS feed reader, and it’s also one of the worst at using properly descriptive titles and descriptions for articles in its feed. In short, they want to force you to click their “teaser” to read the nugget of wisdom on their site — also forcing you to see their ads — for a benefit ranging from “hmm…” to “I wasted five minutes of my life on that?”

In the spirit of helping my brothers, I’ll occasionally click one of their titles and let you know what I found. Today we have this gem:

sip smarter

My actual thought: “Wow, a liquid that helps burn fat? Gee, I hope it’s not water…”

…It’s water.

A (as in one) study may have found that drinking a 16-ounce glass of ice water may boost your metabolism for up to 90 minutes, burning up to an extra 17,000 calories per year (a not-so-impressive-sounding 47 calories per day).

Looking at the actual study (I found it here), it’s notable that the test subjects fasted for 12 hours before drinking the water, and didn’t drink any other fluids for 1½ hours before, so it would imply that you’d need to drink that frosty glass of water before breakfast for the full benefit (the water cools your innards, causing your body to generate energy to get warm again, and food in your stomach would likely interfere with the cooling). File under “every little bit helps, I guess.”

You’re welcome.

Sip Smarter [Men’s Health]

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