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At least it wasn't emo.

At least nowadays they're the right way around.

Happy Wednesday! I was going to include more on fashion, but the press has all decided to take a break in order to laugh at that Harvard stuff. Not that there isn’t a boatload of fun and education available out there:

From the “Duh” Desk: Do Single Women Seek Attached Men? is about a study where women found a photo of a man to be more attractive when the researchers said he was taken than when they said he was single, thereby proving that people want what other people want. [New York Times]

Better Mating Through Math?: What’s luck got to do with it? offers ways to maximize your blackjack and lotto winnings as well as introducing us to “bookmaker arbitrage” before getting to the meat: when you should decide to couple up with. And mathematically speaking, you should do that with the 38th woman you date. Yeah, I didn’t get it either. [New Scientist]

Welcome to 2009, Kids: A request for teens to pull up those sagging pants reminds us that if kids didn’t see their parents wearing baggies in 1992, it didn’t happen. []

Skeletal Radiology โ€” Not Just For Geeks Anymore: Phys Ed: Can Running Actually Help Your Knees? suggests that running can actually help your knees. Normal guys 1, NFL linebackers 0. [NY Times]

They Eat Blood Pudding Too: Men โ€“ at risk of attack from women who wax derives most of its humor from the fact that European men tend to all wear Speedos. Please, give generously so that an Englishman can be outfitted in Quiksilver jams. [News & Star]

Yeah, and Our Kids Will Wear Hair Vests: Mad Men’ latest from Hollywood to influence fashion โ€” If there wasn’t enough hype for Mad Men already. Let me know when you actually see someone in the real world wearing that stuff. [CNN]

No, It’s Because He Was Kinda Whacked: Man’s got to know his limitations takes the George Sodini story, makes some decent assumptions (dude hated women – yes, R. Don Steele is a little weird himself – sure, pickup instructors are “dating nerds” – LOL) but heads down a one-way road the wrong way, assuming a guy can’t improve himself and…wait, does that author actually have words tattooed on his face? Nah…

I Can’t Stress This Enough, Pt. XVIII: Fatty Foods Affect Memory and Exercise tells the story of two rats: one had low-fat food and remembered almost perfectly how to navigate the maze. The other had fatty foods and didn’t. So remember, if you’re ever stuck in a maze, don’t eat the burger. [NY Times]

If You Must Buzz: Buzz Kill | In Search of a Beard Trimmer has got your electric clipper comparison covered. Notably, they pick the one that doesn’t look like a Star Trek weapon. [NY Times]

I Just Like the Title: Breasts Not Best As Fab Abs Beat Lads’ Mags is about how men are turning to Men’s Health instead of FHM. Not only can’t guys afford to date, they apparently can’t even afford to date their fantasy women. [Sky News]

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