Hump-day Links XI: The All-Advice Edition

by Michael on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

C'mon, you knew better than to go to Supercuts.

C'mon, you knew better than to go to Supercuts.

I’m shaking up the Hump this week, starting off with a phalanx of online helpers who want to improve your life. In the interest of guidance, I’ve ranked the tips from “solid” to “say wha’?”

  • Take the Red Pill: There Are No Short Sleeved Dress Shirts takes one of the worst fashion faux-pas and tells you how to feel just as cool with actual good clothes that don’t suck. [Off The Cuff]
  • Look for the Pie Shop Downstairs: How to Pick a Barber is a fine piece of old-school advice that can make the difference between looking like a stud and looking like a character in Dumb and Dumber. [Art of Manliness]
  • Rhetorical Questions for $500, Alex: Are you a creep? starts with a heartfelt question (“Dear Bartender, is it bad to want to get a chick drunk in order to get her to bed?) and ends in an exploration of the full force of the wrath of said bartender. (Spoiler: it’s bad.) [San Diego CityBeat]
  • From the Mixed Metaphor Desk: Virus Protection For The Mind is a guest post on the usually awesome Zen Habits. How can I tell it’s a guest post? First, the author includes “Use affirmations” as a step (one shown to not work so well). That’s okay, three out of four ain’t bad. But he also opens by comparing your mind to a computer, then closes by comparing thoughts to a bunch of kids. Watching a purple dinosaur. Um, yeah. [Zen Habits]
  • Some of This May Not Be Field-Tested: Convince a Girl to Buy You a Drink is a series of tips I approve of in theory. I just think I need more to work with than a story about that time Mariah Carey bought me a drink. [WikiHow]

And now I continue with people who don’t give a rat’s ass about what you do, as long as they can comment on it:

  • And 75% Don’t Read Headlines Carefully: Over 80% of Online Daters Suspect Profile Pictures on Dating Sites are Fake, the press release says. Not that over 80% of the pictures are fake, but that people think pictures might be fake. But either way, feel confident that you can pay someone to verify your photo, so at least you’ll know that isn’t fake. Wait, what? [PR Newswire]
  • Grip ‘n’ Grin: The real gem in A fashion don’t is the second question, which is from a man apparently crushing the hands of the people he meets. Someone needs to define and contrast the phrases “firm and confident” and “vise-like and bone-crushing” for him. [Boston Globe]

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