Hump-day Links XII

by Michael on September 2, 2009 · 0 comments

You know who else wears pointy shoes? This guy.

You know who else wears pointy shoes? This guy.

With the Dog Days finally over, the Internet have returned to their keyboards to give you the information and entertainment you so richly deserve. As always, I strive to maintain a one-stop shop of the most vital tidbits:

  • Slap Fight! Slap Fight!: How to Lead an Empty Romantic Existence is a continuation of Conor Friedersdorf’s infatuation with repulsion at the pickup artist’s lifestyle, but he’s compounded his choice of the lowest common denominator of online self-proclaimed PUAs (who’s apparently even hated by other PUAs) by apparently declaring war on the li’l dude. My guess is that neither one has a girlfriend. [The Atlantic]
  • Because Real Shoes Make Me Look Too Tall: Hey, Men, Did You Wear Cargo Shorts, a T-shirt, and Flip-flops This Weekend? is mostly notable for the comments, in which a bunch of guys make typically lame excuses for not giving a rat’s ass about their look, as well as the photo of the guy who’s dissing them, which almost makes me want to wear cargo shorts and flip-flops. [New York Magazine]
  • It’s Like a Twist: 13 signs he’s dating a loser finally sees a woman admitting that guys sometimes date someone sub-optimal for themselves too. Although I’ve got the sneaking suspicion she’s just jealous. [CNN/The Frisky]
  • What Not to Wear, Bono Edition: Men’s fashion: A capsule wardrobe for men is an Irish woman’s take on the pieces we all should have. You’ll wonder why GQ doesn’t use the terms, “assiduous followers of trends” or “fine knit in a jovial colour” more often before recommending a watch with a rubber wrist strap. []
  • From the ‘Duh’ Desk: A manscaping backlash reveals the secret about shaving your entire body: it turns out that women think it’s freaky and feels like 30-grit. Who knew? (As a bonus, the author briefly makes fun of a guy who runs another men’s site.) []
  • There’s a Reason for That: Here are the dating tips that self-help gurus overlook first laughs at the “How you know you’re dating a loser” piece above, then suggests you make your date use a breath mint before that first kiss. I double-dog dare ya. []
  • Um,…How About Those Bears?: Viagra and Its Ilk Aren’t the Only Treatments Around reminds you that there are all sorts of reasons you might be flying at, er, half-mast, and wisely suggests actually seeing a doctor for advice. Knowledge: what a weird idea. [New York Times]
  • Just Wear Some Cowboy Boots Already: Men in pointy shoes? It’s toe much to bear decries the fact that the extended-toe trend has finally broken men’s resistance, just in time for us to wake up one day and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?” [Brisbane Times]
  • Even If It’s Made Up, It’s Genius: Finally, if you’re one of the five people who hasn’t heard about it yet, I present sh*tmydadsays. [Twitter]

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