Hump-day Links XIII

by Michael on September 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Best Dressed Man in America, 1979.

Best Dressed Man in America, 1979.

An extraordinary day (9/9/09) in an extraordinary week (apologies for the light posting): New Beatles stuff (if you like The Beatles), the USA plays Trinidad & Tobago in an important World Cup qualifier (if you like soccer), Apple announced a video-enabled iPod Nano (if you like iPods) and the President speaks to Congress on health care (if you like health). Apologies to all those on the other side of the International Date Line for having to get through 9/9/09 without any of this stuff.

On to the links:

  • I Approve of This: How to ask a guy out is Cosmo directing their readers to get out there and find opportunities to use all those sex tips they’ve been giving out. I think. Get ready for the flood of Sadie Hawkins dates…not. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Why Real Men Hate Clothes Shopping: Winner of Esquire contest shares fashion tips features the Best Dressed Man in America, as chosen by Esquire. Look at the photo. Then understand why I don’t subscribe to Esquire. []
  • But Shop Anyway: Pocket more of your paycheck with stylish men’s denim for $50 or less is for the guys without Tintin hair, who want a pair of jeans to go with some casual clothes. You can ignore the Seattle-specific options and head straight to H&M. And once you get into H&M, look around, you might find something else great. Sweater vest optional. []
  • Now With More Sodium?: Campbell Revamps Chunky Soup Line. The Campbells people call it the “male meal dilemma”: “they’re having trouble finding convenient, satisfying foods that taste good and that they feel good about eating.” Note that he didn’t say “foods that are good.” [BrandWeek]
  • It’s a Spray Can, But it’s Full of Cheese: In I haven’t dated in 30 years, the advice columnist attempts to describe the modern man. In our defense…no, she pretty much nails it. []

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