Hump-day Links XIV

by Michael on September 16, 2009 · 0 comments

After retiring from the Houston Police Dept., Phil and Frank got a little crazy. (Photo by zieak)

After retiring from the Houston Police Dept., Phil and Frank got a little crazy. (Photo by zieak)

Congrats — another week half over. In honor of that, I’d like you to agree to really listen (and not talk – this is critical to listening) to someone who disagrees with you politically. There’s too little of that right now. Maybe use some critical thinking skills while you’re at it.

This week’s selection from around the series of tubes:

Yet They Don’t Find It As Endearing As They Do in the Movies: Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women pimps a Dutch study that had men attempt a memory game after conversing with an attractive girl. They found that “men’s cognitive functioning may temporarily decline after an interaction with an attractive woman.” I’m waiting for hot ladies to start being forced to wear “do not operate heavy machinery” warnings. []

No Cankles: Ankles – the new male erogenous zone suggests that going sockless with rolled-up pants isn’t just for the beach anymore. “I like the no socks look because it shows off the shoe better,” says the quoted fashionista, only slightly grimacing from the blisters on his heels. [Toronto Star]

Aren’t They Just Fancy Barbers Anyway?: A turf war over shaving would be gripping reading, what with all the insults and claims that there will be blood, if it wasn’t for the fact that the vast majority of men shave themselves. To Texas cosmetologists: if you’re going to start shaving men, at least learn to use a straight razor. We can handle a Mach 3 ourselves. [Austin American-Statesman]

In Other Texas Facial-hair-related News: Judge tosses suit against HPD beard ban describes the civil-rights struggle of a police officer who only wants his Constitutional right to bear stubble. When beards are outlawed, only outlaws will have beards. [Houston Chronicle]

It Had to Come to This: Hans F Hansen Launches “Below Your Belt” Shaving Cream for Men. “BYB only focus on the private part of the man.” Keep it on the same shelf as your face shaving cream, chest shaving cream and armpit shaving cream. [MMD Newswire]

From the Female Outrage Desk: WTF? Unless you’re a drag queen, you guys should not be wearing bronzer! (It’s just freaky) is curious for two reasons: 1) It’s South Florida, possibly the world Metrosexual capital; 2) Being a female columnist, she makes her case by listing the brand names and features of the men’s bronzer we shouldn’t be using. Nevertheless, agreed. [South Florida MetroMix] [[Note: the post has since been deleted—perhaps the columnist retitled it “In My Humble Opinion, Men Should Avoid Bronzers so as Not to Look Unusual.”]]

It’s Just…Well, Something: ‘It’s Just Lunch’ and American Way In Flight Magazine Reveal That When It Comes to Dating, There’s Little Time To Make A Good Impression is a National Singles Week survey that has determined that most people make a judgment on their date’s potential in — wait for it — the time it takes to have lunch. In fact, 21% of women think they’re likely to form their idea of your worthiness within about five minutes. Or will say they did when introducing you to their friends. [Reuters]

Whatever Happened To: Finally, if you like Dave Barry, I have strong scientific evidence that men and women are different is a “classic” Dave Barry column run this week by the NYDN, although I can’t be positive because it doesn’t include the phrase “I am not making this up.” [New York Daily News]

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