Every Week is Singles Week

by Michael on September 23, 2009 · 0 comments

It, um, pays to advertise, I guess... (Photo by wili_hybrid)

It, um, pays to advertise, I guess... (Photo by wili_hybrid)

Welcome to those who are visiting for the first time via a search or link to “National Singles Week” content. I would apologize for what’s being passed off as NSW content (it’s about two-thirds of the way down) but I’m not exactly sorry.

When you’re single, every week is singles week. And because that’s so, I work hard each and every week to offer single men something that will help them enjoy their lives, whether they choose to embrace the single lifestyle or seek a winsome bride. So I won’t be making special effort to participate in this special dating-industry creation, but it’s not because I don’t care.

Instead, let me offer some recent articles that might give you a feel for what it is I do here:

  • Online Dating: Words Matter likewise will steer you away from copied-and-pasted responses and toward actual thoughtful contacts with potential dates.
  • 10 Steps to Working a Room will help you not only meet women, but also platonic business contacts. Maybe even sexy business contacts.
  • Gym Basics will help soothe your fear and help you handle yourself in the gym, so you can focus on making yourself more palatable to the opposite sex plus not dying quite so soon.

More of my most popular stuff is over on the right under “Popular Posts.” Read, comment, learn. Even after National Singles Week.

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