Hump-day Links XV

by Michael on September 23, 2009 · 0 comments

According to dude there, you don't like any of this. No, stop looking. (Photo by BodogGirl)

According to dude there, you don't like any of this. No, stop looking. (Photo by BodogGirl)

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, happy first day of spring. If you’re a lot further up north, well, welcome to our annual six months of depression (fortunately I discovered skiing not long ago, and now have a perverse desire for the weather to turn cold and damp).

No matter what your weather, let’s celebrate with some choice Net bits:

  • So That’s Why it Was Mechanical: Sex for Chores: Why Women Sleep With Men discusses a survey that found most women have sex “to bargain for household chores,” and one in ten does the nasty “to get presents.” This survey must be skewed towards older women, because I can tell you, 20-year-old guys can’t afford presents and don’t do chores. [EmpowHer]
  • But Wait, There’s More: FOXSexpert: The Real Reason Women Have Sex discusses the same survey but features a more astonishing revelation: Fox News has a “sexpert.” Does Glenn Beck know about this? []
  • Just Fricking Quit Smoking Already: Smoking bans ‘cut heart attacks’ first, cigarettes were good for you, then they apparently kill some people, now it looks like second-hand smoke can kill you too. Heart attack rates have declined 26% in England since enacting a public smoking ban, and up to 36% fewer heart attacks occur in US and European regions where public places are smoke-free. Who knew? Well, scientists, actually. [BBC]
  • Could End in Fisticuffs: Land Shark Stadium Offers New Experience For Fans explains the modern delights in the Stadium Formerly Known as 12 Different Other Names, including this: “Fans on the Club Level will be able to take a break and treat themselves to a complimentary massage and facial. Additionally, Jack Black men’s grooming products that will be available to sample.” Considering the only time many football fans have seen the word “facial” is in relation to a Jenna Jameson video, that might not go over so well. []
  • That’s Just Wrong: Chick, Please is a man (presumably) explaining why he writes “chick lit” (besides “for the money”). I bet he’s the guy trying to tell women we don’t like boobs. [New York Post]
  • From the ‘Horse Out of the Barn’ Desk: Please, Don’t Call Yourself a ‘Cougar’ sees a bunch of older women come to an agreement — younger guys, if you want them, they apparently prefer to be called “MILFs.” Because, you see, it means you want them. It’s a little twist, get it? Not sure what happens when you’re approached by someone you wouldn’t LF. [Washington Post]

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