Hump-day Links XVI

by Michael on September 30, 2009 · 0 comments

One more thing to blame on the French.

One more thing to blame on the French.

The days are getting brisker, the leaves are turning, and overweight guys with helmets are bashing into each other. Of course, that means two things: 1) Fall is here, and 2) Australians are laughing at us.

This week’s assortment of links follows:

  • Why Not Just Wear Underpants and Leggings?: Complaint Box | I See London is a gentle reminder, from the seat of US fashion, that girls don’t make passes at guys whose pants don’t cover their asses. If the risk of visible skidmarks doesn’t do it, that should. [New York Times]
  • What What in the Butt?: Exercise May Prevent Prostate Cancer just adds to the list of illnesses and other problems that you’ll be less likely to face if you would just get on a regular fitness program. Yes, I’m starting to sound like your mama. [US News & World Report]
  • It’s a Socialist Trick: Exercise 30 Minutes a Day? Who Knew! Well, we did, but that’s because we’re not focused on whether or not brownshirts will rush in and unplug Grandma. Making us, well, the smarter ones. [US News and World Report]
  • Beans and Saddle Sores: The cowboy life is a look at real cowboys, and suggests that you need more than a new hat and lasso to join them. It also turns out they don’t actually punch cows. [Arizona Daily Sun]
  • Tighty-Whitey Insightey: Jockey Shocked World With First Men’s Brief encapsulates the history (with video!) of the underwear now considered to be the men’s version of granny panties. At least now dudes don’t have to walk around all summer in union suits. [PR Newswire]
  • Maybe Not the “I (Heart) 4:20” T-shirt: Job Fair 101: What to wear, bring and ask is for those of us who are still employment-challenged. The advice is standard, but considering the number misspellings I still see on resumés, it’s still good to bookmark. []
  • Texting is Hard: Appiphilia: IPhone apps to ‘aid’ in dating and mating describes the “Girlfriend Keeper” Phone app, designed to make a girl think you’re thinking of her even when you’re actually thinking of Derek Jeter. “Some of the messages seem to be coming from a socially awkward IT professional.” Huh, d’ya think? [LA Times]

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