How to Enjoy Life More

by Michael on October 6, 2009 · 0 comments

He didn't know if he'd like it until he tried it...

He didn't know if he'd like it until he tried it...

I’m going to leave this very simple. In two bullets of equal importance:

  • Do things you enjoy.
  • Find new things to enjoy.

The first point is something we all gravitate to. We all have something we enjoy. Some love sports, others play video games, still others pursue a career that makes them want to get up and go to work every day. We know life is too short to spend 16 hours every day doing nothing but tasks you dislike and then going to bed. You’ll put yourself into an early grave with nothing to show for it. Sure, you’ll always have to do something you don’t like — everyone’s got to clean the toilet sometime — but you never have to let it rule your life. A happy you not only helps you, it helps everyone around you.

The second point, however, is just as important. After a while life can become a rut. Even enjoyable things, done repetitively, can become less enjoyable. The men who seize life — the Richard Bransons and David Bowies — try new things and go to new places. Call it “living like you’re dying” or a “bucket list” or whatever you want. Start small, like a salsa class or a short hike on a well-marked hiking trail, or take that first step toward your dream career. You might be surprised that volunteering at a soup kitchen or training for a marathon might make you feel good.

I don’t really know how to go on further. It’s really simple: get out there and find something new to make you happy.

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