Hump-day Links XVIII

by Michael on October 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Charlie Davies TributeToday I dedicate the Hump-day Links to Charlie Davies, who was involved in a horrific car accident the day before the US Men’s Soccer Team played their final World Cup qualifier. In the ninth minute of tonight’s game, the fans paid tribute by standing and cheering while waving cards with a white number 9 (Davies is #9 on the team).

The team tied with Costa Rica tonight (anyone watching the last 30 minutes tonight can never say a tie game is boring), but they’ve already qualified for next year’s World Cup in South Africa. However, they’ll likely be going without Davies, whose injuries are career-threatening. Get well soon, Charlie.

Now we carry on with the links:

  • Doesn’t This Cause Them Both to Explode or Something?: A letter to my shallow, reckless, cocky younger self is today’s Simon Cowell writing to young Simon Cowell, assuring him that although he can’t afford that Porsche or house, he soon will, just keep being insufferable because that apparently sells. [Daily Mail]
  • Because You can’t Hurt People With Tae Bo: Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness, Not Combat tries to beat the drum for the UFC-watching hordes to head down for some Brazilian jujitsu aerobics. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t care to mount another dude if I don’t have a chance to actually win anything. [New York Times]
  • From the ‘Duh’ Desk: Letterman’s sex isn’t a scandal. As an editorial, it’s hardly hypocrisy when you’re full well willing to make fun of yourself when you do it. []
  • Just Don’t Feel Too Good About That Big Mac: Exercise Improves Body Image For Fit And Unfit Alike is the latest finding from the scientists who are all over measuring this exercise thing. Especially great if you’re not a spring chicken anymore: the mental benefit of exercise gets stronger as you age. [Science Daily]
  • Endorsed in Theory: Zappos-inspired startup is all about men’s pants tells us about Bonobos, whose name isn’t that creatively different. They make and sell pants, which they say will help you avoid “khaki diaper-butt” and offer a supposedly liberal return policy. They also call their customer service reps “ninjas,” which I hope isn’t a reference to how they stealthily avoid ringing phones. [NY Times]
  • Just Dip It Once and End It: The Perfect Breakup? Well, if you could do stuff perfectly you wouldn’t have to break up in the first place, would you? In any case, it’s a good guide to being a man about it. [Lifehack]
  • Sometimes Advice From Women is Actually Good: Texting and your love life features this nugget: “It’s annoying enough when girls do it, but a guy who texts with emoticons may as well be wearing a skirt.” And they actually tracked down that one girl every guy hopes to find: “While he was in the bathroom I got a picture message of him — with no pants on! I thought, ‘I like this guy, he’s so much fun!'” []

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