You Know When You’re a Metrosexual…

by Michael on October 20, 2009 · 0 comments

…When you’re so self-absorbed you’ll take a phone call (or even have your ringer on) when you’ve got a woman mostly undressed in your bedroom…

…so she just goes ahead and takes care of business on her own while rubbing your clothes all over herself…

…and then, after she rolls over and goes to sleep, you console yourself by smelling your own clothes.

(Caution: video NSFW, but sorry, no nudity.)

The kicker is that this video is intended to sell you the clothes — clothes so apparently “exclusive” that you have to be a “registered customer” to even view them on the designer’s website. “If you are ready for VONROSEN, we will contact you.” (Edit 1/2012: apparently no one was ready for VONROSEN.) I don’t cover Fashion Week for a reason, and this is it. You can get a plain v-neck wool pullover at Macy’s and from what I can see, all you’ll miss is the exclusivity.

VONROSEN – When your style does the job [YouTube]

VONROSEN Berlin (Link now RIP)

Macy’ Sweater Finder (Affiliate link)

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