Hump-day Links XIX

by Michael on October 21, 2009 · 0 comments

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

The week before Halloween, and it’s kind of quiet. I’ve got my costume, have been growing out my beard especially for it (No, I’m going neither as ZZ Top nor Band of Horses) and I’ve got my connection for easy party access. If you don’t have your costume, I just wrote something that might help.

So let’s get on with the hot link action:

  • Eating a Steak is Cheaper: Testosterone drives men to buy fast cars is a little misleading: it’s driving the cars that boosts the T, not the buying. “It’s literally the peacock’s tail. It’s the human version,” the researcher said, explaining why so many are driven by guys who have lost most of their head feathers. []
  • In Case You Missed It…How?: Drink’s iPhone ‘App’ Gets Anger Flowing is a rundown of the controversy over the “Amp Up Before You Score” application, in which AdFreak asks the question, “Does anyone not dislike Amp’s iPhone app?” Right over here, buddy. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Not Letting Amp Get All the Resentment: Remington Launches “The Face of Success” details the new site from the electric shaver company, wherein you select from a range of facial hair styles before heading out to pick up fantasy computer women in Vegas. Kind of like World of Warcraft for someone who can’t make friends online. [MarketWire]
  • Football and Fart Jokes Too: WHY DO MEN LOVE BEARDS WHEN WOMEN HATE THEM? the author asks, in his all-caps glory. It seems England has gone beard-crazy now that David Beckham has spent his summer in America cultivating a hair farm, but the Mail places the blame on another favorite son: “George Michael is most to blame for this,” they whinge, apparently forgetting all about Miami Vice. [Mail Online]
  • “What? You Need 900 Words?”: Why real men DO buy women flowers is basically a touching story of how the author’s dying father’s last action was to order a bouquet for his wife. But then the piece takes a turn for the bizarre: “I recently bought flowers for a lady I’m a’ courting. We were set to meet at the soda jerk for a malt…” I stopped reading there. Either he found Doc’s DeLorean in the barn or thought it would be post-ironic or something. In any case, flowers are for relationships (either established or expected). [CNN/The Frisky]
  • Here, We Just Have to Drive 45 Minutes: When Love Is a Schlep reminds us why New Yorkers sometimes make non-New Yorkers queasy (besides the Yankees): When you live on the Upper West Side and your date lives on the Lower East Side, she had better really be awesome. [New York Times]
  • The ‘Duh’ Desk Didn’t Collapse Last Week After All: Japanese men invest in their looks. This might have been news 20 years ago….nope, not then, either. [The Independent]
  • The Fashion Industry Loves You: Mad Men Rolls Out Clothes, But Will They Sell? has the audacity to suggest that a retro-style TV series may not convince us to dress like it’s the ’50s, but the editor of British GQ thinks differently: “Americans are more easily led.” Yeah, but our The Office is better, so there. [New York Magazine]
  • Things That Are Related: Playboy Slashes Rate Base 38% means they expect to sell fewer magazines. This month Marge Simpson appears on the cover. Maybe we need a “Go Figure” Desk. [MediaWeek]

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