Meditation for Men: A Better Life Starts Now

by Michael on November 12, 2009 · 2 comments

So simple, a lemur can do it. (Photo by audi_insperation)

So simple, a lemur can do it. (Photo by audi_insperation)

Life is fast. Most of us have jobs where we’re expected to do as much as possible as quickly as possible. We drive in a hurry, eat in a hurry, and shop in a hurry. When we take a vacation, we run around like we need to see every sight before time’s up. And we’re always thinking: about our friends, our love life (or lack thereof), our job…

That’s a problem.

When you hurry, you don’t enjoy life. Working in a hurry can lead to substandard work and is a major cause of unhappy customers. Driving in a hurry causes accidents. Eating in a hurry means you don’t really taste the food or appreciate its nutritional value. And so on.

And constant thought clutters your mind. Your thoughts get scrambled. You may start reacting emotionally because your thoughts and goals aren’t clear. Instead of thinking critically, you quickly decide on what you want (or let someone else tell you what you want) and get upset with anyone who won’t give it to you. You feel stressful — especially around women.

Your life gets worse.

But taking just a few minutes a day to clear your mind completely, you can start to turn all of that around.

Not a Religion — A State of Mind

Meditation is the art of clearing your mind, and thinking of nothing for a period of time. When you can clear your mind successfully, your mind can process thoughts more easily. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll sleep better. You’ll interact more successfully with others. Creativity will increase.

The mental relaxation you’ll earn through meditation also helps you as a man: a relaxed, calm manner is an alpha trait. You’ll feel less stress around women and less anxiety about being single. Your confidence will skyrocket.

Studies have shown that regular meditation actually causes physical changes to the brain, and that those who meditate are able to better perceive the world around them. It can ease high blood pressure

How To Do It

Meditation is simple, but not necessarily easy at first, especially if you have an active mind.

  • Find a quiet place. It could be a room in your house, or outdoors. It doesn’t have to be dark or completely quiet — just not loud and distracting. Quiet and dimly lit might help at first, though.
  • Sit comfortably, either in a chair or on the floor. If you can get yourself into the “lotus” position, great. If not, just sit normally with your hands on your lap. Sit straight up with good posture, facing forward. Close your eyes.
  • Allow your mind to clear. When you’re beginning, you’ll probably need something to distract you from your thoughts. At first, try concentrating on breathing calmly and deeply. Some slowly repeat a mantra: a soothing word. I meditate by first clearing my mind, and then focusing on chakras: areas of energy within my body, beginning at my tailbone and ending at the top of my head.
  • Meditate for a short period of time at first. Even five minutes can refresh you.
  • Don’t feel bad if your thoughts keep intruding. At first it can be very difficult to keep them out. But if you find your mind focusing on something or someone, or solving a problem, make note of it and re-focus on your breathing.

With practice, you should be able to quickly get into meditation mode, and work up to meditating for 10-15 minutes every day. You can set a timer, or simply finish when you feel done.

Hit the Reset Button

Not too many years ago, I was in a general funk. I didn’t even really know I was slipping into it, but one day I looked around and for the first time in a long time realized I wasn’t happy. I was physically tired, and had picked up some bad habits. I needed to step back and hit the “reset” button.

Meditation was the “reset” button.

I can’t tell you how fast things turned around for me after meditating for just a few weeks. I felt better about my life and the world, no longer wished ill on those I once cursed, and made some key decisions that put my life back on track. I was getting out, meeting new women and making new friends. Crap still happens, but I’m better equipped to deal with it.

I think you’ll see some changes right from the start. Let me know how it goes for you.

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Blake December 29, 2009 at 8:00 am

Meditation is always something I wanted to do, something i’ve seen maybe in movies and been, “hey I should do that”, but yet I’ve never really done it. I’m going to give it a shot! I’m sure I can find 5-10 minutes a day to meditate and I could use the benefits.



Michael December 31, 2009 at 12:07 am

That’s great, Blake! Feel free to report back on how it’s going.

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