How to Tell When a Woman Isn’t Interested

by Michael on December 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Is she laughing with you, or laughing at you? (Photo by doug88888)

Is she laughing with you, or laughing at you? (Photo by doug88888)

Back in September I went over how to tell if a woman likes you. Just the other day I showed you five ways to fail to pick up women.

The next stop on this road is obviously how to tell when your awful “game” is working its magic (i.e., making her want to take her own life). And fortunately for me, I don’t even have to write it. While TSB Magazine can sometimes be that drunk fraternity brother with the beer bong telling you he has this life thing all figured out, Bobby Rio pretty much gets it consistently right with his teachings on getting friendly with the fairer sex. And he continues his run with 7 Signs She Is Not Interested in You.

Bobby counts down (or up) the mostly traditional signals that your “do you believe in spells?” opener fell on deaf ears:

  1. She complains that she’s tired.
  2. She never asks you your name.
  3. She mentions her boyfriend early in the conversation.
  4. She tries not to make eye contact.
  5. She has closed-off body language.
  6. She gives short one-word answers.
  7. She gives her friend the “help-me” eyes.

Any guy who’s approached many women has seen some or all of these, and while some aren’t as bad as others (and in fact may be her initial reaction to any man who approaches her), they all indicate that you should either step up your work rate or just find yourself another target.

Several years ago I was on an initial meeting with a woman I met on the ‘net: we had conversed in e-mail and on the phone a few times and it felt like we had a real vibe going. And when we sat down for a drink the conversation was good — except she was looking down at the table the whole time. After five minutes I called her on it and we went our separate ways, with a minimum of time wasted. (On the other hand, the only other woman I ever dated who couldn’t look me in the eye basically stalked me afterward, but that still makes it a bad sign.)

Another reason to know these signs of disinterest: if you can identify a woman who’s getting fed up with being macked-on by the town creep, you just might win some points by “saving” her. Just watch out for a sucker-punch to the throat by the town creep.

7 Signs She Is Not Interested in You [TSB Magazine]

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