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Dude with a woman and a cup of coffee and not drawing attention to his package. Unfortunately, not representative.

Dude with woman and cup of coffee, not drawing attention to his package. Unfortunately, not representative.

Underwear is important. If you’ve read my guide to all things boxer and brief but you’re looking for a wider selection, you might want to try the Men’s Underwear Blog. From jockstraps to long johns, MUB keeps tabs on the manufacturers, styles and stores who offer a dizzying array of cuts, colors and patterns.

Word of warning: there’s a slight overtone of guys who like to look at other guys, if you know what I mean (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Jerry Seinfeld would say). And even if there wasn’t, there’s only so much browsing I can do before burning out on looking at guys in nothing but their skivvies. but I think that even for straight guys like you and me, if you want the lowdown on, say, Xmas-patterned shorts from AussieBum, or eagle-themed trunks from Ginch Gonch (“gonch” being Western Canadian for “underwear”), they’re ever vigilant for these vital advances. And they link directly to the stores so you can buy safely.

Pop on over if you’re curious – but perhaps not from work. Remember how everyone talked when that manager down the hall brought in an International Male catalog…?

[Men’s Underwear Blog]

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