12 Best Posts of 2009

by Michael on December 31, 2009 · 0 comments

You did not want to be drinking Bud Light anyway. (Photo by awnisALAN)

Well, the Tao hasn’t been around for quite a full year yet, but I’ve put a lot of content into the ol’ place, and it’s a great time to reflect on the stuff I think you can most learn from, or be entertained by. Also, I’m putting my time into finishing off the Starter Workout e-book for you, so this takes the place of new content.

  1. A Simple Starter Workout — how to get yourself started in an exercise program with commitment and intensity.
  2. Attracting Better Women, and The Myth of “Up-dating” — can you really get women who are “out of your league”?
  3. 10 Steps to Working a Room — aka How to Meet People. Use this tonight!
  4. The Most Important Trait for Men, and How to Get It — whatever you want in life, you can’t really have it until you have this.
  5. 22 Tips to Jumpstart Your Life — you can’t “just do it” until you have something to do. Here are 22 somethings.
  6. Eat Right — how to get your kitchen stocked to start feeding yourself properly.
  7. Body Hair: Keep, Trim or Shave — what women want to see, with charts.
  8. Dating: Picking Up the Check — this tricky question, unquestionably decided in an iron-clad fashion.
  9. How to Perform 14 Basic Skills (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) — one men’s site wants you to learn these things; I actually help you learn them.
  10. How to Tell When a Woman is Interested — she actually can’t help but let you know, and this is how.
  11. Be Observant; Be Successful — two words that will change your life: pay attention.
  12. No-Weights Workout — you have zero excuse now.

I hope you have an awesome New Year, and if you have a choice of parties tonight, pick the one that’s the smallest or with the largest percentage of close friends. Leave the drunken mass gatherings to the amateurs.

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