How to Be an Empty Shell

by Michael on January 20, 2010 · 0 comments

Do you want to be more attractive to women? From our friends at Howcast (motto: “we pay by the video, so keep ’em crankin'”), here’s, er, someone’s take on how to do it:

My apologies for taking two minutes from you that you’ll never get back. (Did you spot the complete non sequitur “fact” at the end?)

Basically, I can remove seven steps from this and leave you with their point: Be a super nice guy, heavy on the nice. The problem is that there are actual supposedly rational thinking people out there who believe this is all you need do to get a woman.

At no point does the video discuss the fact that to actually be popular with girls, you need a personality. You’ll eventually have to demonstrate that you can function in society, and that you have people in your life to be loyal to besides your mom. If you can’t, you’re just another creepy guy smiling too much and trying to give the hot girl your seat on the bus when there’s one empty in the back.

But they do get points for pointing out low lame the popped collar is.

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