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by Michael on January 22, 2010 · 0 comments

Finding fitness information is easy. For every man, woman and child looking for advice, there’s someone willing to dispense it.

Finding good, usable fitness information is hard.

One place I’ve found it is Fitness Spotlight. Bloggers Mike O’Donnell and Scott Kustes take a balanced, sensible approach to fitness and healthy eating that can especially help guys who are just getting started. Looking rationally at concepts like fasting and simplifying your daily life, they can also help if you’re currently at a plateau. Does relaxation actually help weight loss? (Yes.) Is soy good or bad? (Bad.) They’ll tell you why.

In fact, right now they’re in the middle of their 30 Day Challenge, which looks like a good way to jumpstart yourself into a fitness routine. Some of what they suggest might be a little drastic for some, like cutting out all alcohol and caffeine, dairy, grains and sugars—if you have a hard time cooking for yourself, you might struggle with this challenge—but they do provide a “real food” shopping list to help you hunt down the right ingredients.

Like everyone who lives this stuff, the guys do surface some biology geekdom from time to time, and every once in a while make an error like calling skim milk “heavily processed” (I’m not going to get in the middle of the respective arguments over the benefits of milk and saturated fats, but if you buy organic, un-homogenized whole milk you can quickly and easily skim it yourself at home).  They’re at their best when they’re guiding you through workouts and meal plans, and that’s what you’ll find the most.

Hop over to Fitness Spotlight and see if it meets your needs, and let them know I sent you.

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