Ultimate Spring Cleaning, Day 28: Sell, Sell, Sell

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Ultimate Spring Cleaning is a 30-day project to clean and declutter not only your house, but your life. Each day you’ll get a housecleaning assignment, an assignment that involves the world around you, and a project to clear your mind. You can start anytime at the Ultimate Spring Cleaning main page.

Today’s task is simple. We’re getting near the end, so we’ve only got one thing to handle: getting rid of all that stuff you don’t need. Today we’re combining that with making your bank balance a bit bigger.

Your Home: Sort Your Clutter

Today is the day when you’re finally going to deal with the big batch of stuff you’ve cleared from your various rooms:

  1. Bring out all the boxes/bags of clutter you’ve collected during the past few weeks’ cleaning.
  2. Find a clear spot where you can sort everything, and dump out the first box/bag.
  3. For each item, decide whether it might have value for someone:
    • If it does, create a “to sell” area and place it there.
    • If it doesn’t have any value (other than sentimental value) put it in a “to throw away” pile. (A big garbage can right there is the ideal “throw away” pile.)
    • Anything left over without any real financial value but which may be useful to someone, place in a “to donate” area.
  4. Repeat these steps for each box or bag of clutter. DO NOT KEEP ANY OF THESE ITEMS. You made the decision that they aren’t important to your life, now stick with it.

Your World: Sell What You Can

The first step in ridding yourself of that extraneous stuff is round up your “to sell” items and determine how you want to sell them. Ideas include:

  • Sell clothing, books or CDs at a shop that sells used goods.
  • Sell individual items on Ebay.
  • Hold a garage sale. This may be the best idea for items that may not be worth your while to sell by other means, as well as the items you couldn’t sell using those other means.

Any items left over that you can’t sell should be donated to charity. We’ll cover that tomorrow.

Yourself: Relax

Every Sunday you devote some time to simply relaxing. Whether it’s laying in a hammock in the yard, heading to a place you can watch the sunset, or taking a hike, take it easy and just let your mind drift. The weather should be getting better, so get out if you possibly can.

Meditate, and be ready to feel good about yourself tomorrow.

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