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by Michael on April 24, 2010 · 0 comments

From Mad Max IV: Beyond Speed Dating Dome. (Photo by JP Puerta)

The old Hump-day Links feature kind of wore out its welcome with me several months ago—sometimes there just aren’t enough quality links in a week to fill an article, and the really good ones deserve a post and discussion of their own. However, when I accumulate some interesting/humorous reading that might also offer something to chew on, I’ll still pass it on to you.

In that spirit, some fresh, helpful articles:

Dating Study Says Singles With Options Go For Hotties: Researchers find that given the many choices and extremely limited time of a speed dating event, we look for women based almost entirely on looks. The same researchers previously found that when men use urinals, they pee standing up. [NPR]

Dating in D.C. can be difficult; ‘eye-gazing parties’ seek to help singles: pickup artists are no longer alone in using the old “gazing” routine. Maybe it’s less crap when you do it on cushions in a yoga studio, though. [Washington Post]

7 things to wear this Spring to make you stand out is an example of a good idea that just goes off the rails. Shoes, yes. Hats, sure. Stripes, just make sure you don’t inadvertently look like a referee. Shiny puffy vests—welcome back to the 80s? [Guyism]

20 Ways to Improve Your Style for Under $20 is a lot better as a guide, because it’s the little things that count. You may be smart enough to use deodorant, but what about a shoehorn? [Primer]

Is This Love Or Too Much Caffeine?: This study has been around for a while (people who feel excitement during a conversation are more likely to be interested in the other person), but it bears reading, plus I like the title. [Psychology Today]

How to Build your Wardrobe – Part 1 is more thorough—if you have the coin, this will get you a classic wardrobe. Just make sure you make room for it. [Art of Manliness]

Don’t Choke has the secret that should help you focus on that money putt or key HORSE shot: a “holistic cue word” that takes your mind off the mechanics, so that your muscle memory can do its job without that meddling brain in the way. [The Frontal Cortex]

What Your Negativity Is Really Hiding is directed to the guys who try to be the “mean kids” on comment threads and message boards. Dude, you’re not being “brutally honest,” you’re just being brutal. To yourself. [David Wygant]

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