Last Day to Win Swag; Spring Cleaning/Workout Updates

by Michael on May 17, 2010 · 1 comment

Like NASCAR? This could be up your alley...

If it’s Monday, it must be your last chance to win the AMP Energy cap and t-shirt! You can enter until 11:59 pm Pacific time tonight (5/17) using one of the following methods:

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks to all who have entered so far!

In other news, I’m starting my own Ultimate Spring Cleaning today. If you haven’t started yet and want to follow along, I’ll be adding notes to the comments as I go, and I’ll also be cleaning up the daily articles so that they’re even easier to follow. Come join me!

Also, after taking a few weeks off from the gym, I recently decided to switch from the Crossfit program I’ve been doing to take some of my own medicine: namely the Simple Starter Workout.

And it kicked my ass.

You see, after doing the Crossfit program for about the past year, I’m used to performing my workouts with extreme intensity. I’ve left it all on the gym floor many times, and frightened the girlfriend fairly regularly when I would end up doubled over, gasping for breath and sweating buckets. That’s standard in the Crossfit world.

Back when I designed the Simple Starter Workout, I wasn’t really working out with peak intensity. My intensity was more than adequate to get a great workout, and you should be able to get great results even with a one-minute break between exercises and cardio at a moderate level. But this time I did my own workout “Crossfit-style”: no breaks other than the short walk between exercises, weights set on my 10-rep maximum and cardio at high intensity. I went for speed. I changed nothing else; it was all by the book.

The result was a pain-bringing like I haven’t felt since my first 10k run.

I don’t want to scare you if you’re new to working out: the Simple Starter Workout is designed to be beginner-friendly. It’s not a walk in the park, but you won’t be on your hands and knees when you’re done if you follow the book and do the cardio at the moderate level I describe in the instructions. I basically performed the workout at another level entirely, and trust me, it works even at that level.

I’m going to continue performing the Simple Starter Workout for a while, and I’ll keep you updated.

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Michael May 17, 2010 at 1:50 pm

One more thing: I’ve also decided to cut out caffeine for two weeks. It’s Day 3 now, and I’m only now (2pm) feeling fully awake. More later!


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