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by Michael on May 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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Lord knows I’ve made fun of the Men’s Fitness/Men’s Health-type magazines in the past, but there is wisdom to be found there on occasion. These words from Men’s Fitness Editor-in-Chief Roy S. Johnson are some of that wisdom:

Too many guys stop working out because they aren’t seeing the progress they want…Many of us do the same outside the gym. Especially if we’ve lost a great job or a hot girlfriend. Sure we go back to work, we start dating again. But too often we lament that we’re not where we used to be, or that she isn’t as hot as our ex…

Well, forget that old gig, that old girlfriend. Get excited about where life is taking you, through the incremental gains you make every day—in your career, in your relationship, and in the gym.

He speaks truth.

Even the most successful of us can be dragged down by regret and self-deprecation. Failing doesn’t make you a failure. As I’ve pointed out, every man who has had great success has also not succeeded at something, and the measure of a man is what he does when he doesn’t succeed.

While alluding to it, the article doesn’t directly mention its secondary point: living in the now is what will get you farthest. Dwelling on the past is unhelathy, and although visualizing “the next you” is an important part of building the plan to get there, it’s just as unhealthy to dwell on what you’re going to do.

So learn from the past, then put it behind you. Visualize your future, make your plan, and spend your days executing—and enjoying—your plan.

You can’t have a great life now if you’re not here to enjoy it.

(Note 1/2012: After “downsizing” Roy S. Johnson in 2011, Men’s Fitness appears to be making like the Soviet Communist Party and erasing all trace of him, including that piece.)

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