Time’s Running Out for the Simple Starter Workout

by Michael on May 26, 2010 · 0 comments

The Simple Starter Workout Plan e-book won’t be going away, but it will be changing, starting in just a few days.

First, the good news: the SSWP e-book will still be free. I want everyone to have the opportunity to start on the road to fitness. (Here’s a secret: it also makes a great change-of-pace program for guys who are tired of their current routine.)

Now the less-good news: in just a few days I’ll be removing the free phone support option from the deal. Everyone who has already downloaded the book will continue to have e-mail and phone support, as will everyone who downloads it in the next few days. Of course, for the foreseeable future I will still answer voice mails to the Tao of Bachelorhood “hotline,” but if things get busy I won’t guarantee support for the SSWP book for anyone downloading it free after this Friday.

However, there’s some great news: I’ll have an enhanced package available, including:

  • Alternate workouts you can perform anywhere, so you can take the Simple Starter Workout home, or on the road, or to the park…
  • A spreadsheet to help you track your progress
  • An exclusive audio program with support and tips to supercharge your workout

This package will not be free, but it won’t cost much. Again, my passion is to help you look and feel better, and I don’t want a high price standing between you and the jumpstart you need.

Thank you again to the hundreds of guys (and a few women) who have downloaded the Simple Starter Workout Plan. I hope it’s helped you start on the road to being fitter and happier. If you want to get a free copy with included phone support, get it now to the right of this article.

I’m always excited to hear your personal stories, so please don’t be shy about sharing them, via comments or e-mail.

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