Exercise on the Cheap (or Free)

by Michael on June 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Don't laugh, his job skills include mutual grooming. (Photo by philcampbell)

The comment on Thursday’s Spanx article got me thinking: keeping physically fit is probably even more important in a period of stress. Unemployment is definitely stressful for many men. However, a gym membership might not even be an option when you’ve got to tighten your belt.

I’m working on a full piece that will include some methods, tips and even nutrition advice for those of us who don’t have the cash for fitness club dues. But right now I wanted to point you to some resources I’ve already created that should give anyone a head start on a healthy physique, with little or no money:

As I said, there are even more ideas I can give you for a healthy lifestyle, fat loss and muscle gain, on any budget or no budget. Soon, I promise. But there’s no excuse for not exercising.

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