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And if it won't come clean, drastic measures may be in order. (Photo by Bombardier)

Still on holiday, but that didn’t stop the Internet from having all kinds of goodness without me. Here are a few tasks for you to work on as we head into Fall…

Gain Some Confidence

Lifehack.org, like a lot of sites written “by the community,” is a bit hit-or-miss with its stuff. 63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence is no different: author Steve Errey could have easily edited down his list to about 20 or so (may I suggest 22 Tips to Jumpstart Your Life?) by leaving out the more nebulous items like “Don’t think for a second that you can’t be confident.” But he’s still included a solid bunch of actionable items you can use today, such as:

1. Learning is a Good Thing, so sign up for that evening class and enjoy it.

3. Go to a networking event and focus on how you can be helpful to other people rather than being nervous about your own stuff.

6. Write a list of the things you’re tolerating and putting up with in your life, then write down how you can remove, minimise or diminish each one.

32. When you feel like stamping your foot and yelling “I deserve better than this!”, take a step back and say “I can BE better than this.

38. Take a chance on something tomorrow.  Anything, big or small, just take a chance.

50. Your environment directly impacts your self-perception, so if you’re surrounded by clutter, paperwork and rubbish put a morning aside to clean up your stuff and get organised.

60. Look at the people you respect who seem confident – don’t copy them, but identify what it is they do differently that conveys confidence and what you can learn from it.

Your mission: pick at least three items from this list, write them down somewhere you’ll see them often, and do them.

Tidy for the Ladies

Lord knows I’ve gone over cleaning and decluttering your place pretty thoroughly, but this article on the TSB Magazine website, What A Woman Will Learn About You From Your Home, will actually help you quickly get your place “date ready.” The most important takeaway is that women see cleanliness a little different than guys do.

The short article oddly includes an off-topic suggestion to cook an Indian dish if you’re dating a girl from India—the only reason I’d work this in is to mention that aromatic food on the stove will help prevent your place from smelling like those gym socks you had all over the place. It also goes a little far with “wickless” candles and bath salts in your bathroom…you run the risk of having her think you play for the other team. Nevertheless, the piece is spot-on that a date will notice things like carpets that need vacuuming or a tub with a crusty ring.

Your mission: get your place “date-ready,” whether you’ve got a date or not.

Get Fit, Work Less or Die

Do you work for a startup, software or videogame company or just put in a lot of overtime? If so, chances are that you’re working the vast majority of your waking hours. And this just in: if you do that without adequate exercise, you’ll die sooner.

The National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen followed 5,000 men and found that unfit men were 59% more likely to die of heart disease if they worked more than 40 hours per week. The out-of-shape overtime crew was also twice as likely to die from heart disease or other causes than fit men who worked the same number of hours.

While the researchers still aren’t sure that the reason for the extra risk is the additional hours alone (and not other lifestyle factors such as diet), it’s pretty clear that fitness becomes more important when you’re sedentary for long periods of time at work.

Your mission: Either work out or find ways to keep your working hours to a minimum. What the hell, work out anyway!

63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence [Lifehack.org]

What A Woman Will Learn About You From Your Home [TSB Magazine]

Fitness Staves Off Heart Risk Linked to Long Hours, Study Finds [Bloomberg]

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