Weekend Reading, Student Edition

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The man, 56 years and 10 inches ago.

Happy first weekend of fall! (Aussies, happy first weekend of spring!) Right now as I look out my window, Mother Nature can’t decide whether to lighten up or bring the pain. I’m guessing soon it’ll be the pain.

Now that you college students have your computers hooked up (who am I kidding, you brought your laptop from home and it took you five seconds to jack into the dorm’s wi-fi) here’s a selection of informational nuggets, none of which contain a photo of Ines Sainz. (I’ll pause a minute or so while everyone under 25 Googles “Ines Sainz”…aaand we’re back.)

Fast Meals

If you’re not in a dorm, you’re probably forced to cook for yourself. What could you ask your parents to give you that would make healthy food preparation quicker? The Food Processor, the One-Man Band of the ’70s, Takes Center Stage is an introduction to the original grater, slicer, chopper, mixer, blender and whipper, all in one. And don’t let them cheap out with one of those Silver Bullets, either. [NY Times]

Get It Together, Man

Let’s face it, you’ve slouched through another summer and you’re going back into the new school year with the same baggage you carried around all last year. Well, here’s a chance to get your mind in order. I can’t say I’ve seen a better list of mental self-improvement tips maybe ever. Samples:

3. Realize that unexpected events can be a good thing. As the Dalai Lama once said, “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

12. Meet with a professional counselor if there are issues you need to discuss. Many people are struggling with dead weight from the past or emotional baggage that is holding them back. Deal with them and move on with professional assistance.

21. Spend time with yourself each day. Susan Taylor states that “spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.”

30. Change your toothbrush. It can be a hotbed of bacteria.

47. Live in the present, not the past. The past is over. Move on and enjoy every moment as it occurs. Take stock of what needs to be accomplished and move forward with this information.

All good advice. Especially the part about the toothbrush. It was all alone in there with your roommate… [Litemind]

Fun at Parties?

You’re alone watching late night TV and see that Shake Weight ad. Suddenly your credit card starts burning a hole in your back pocket. Those guys have muscles on their muscles! And they’re all using the Shake Weight!

Ever heard of the word “models”?

In case you needed proof, the guys at Wired tested the Shake Weight, and found it, in their own words, “Hilarious but Useless.” And really, that goes for most workout gimmicks (I’m talking to you, Thighmaster!). Maybe go over to the computer and order up some non-shake weights. [Wired]

I Win $10

Jack LaLanne is not dead. He’s pushing 96, though. It seems that all that exercise and the Juice Tiger have kept him healthy after all. He might not be towing any barges to celebrate this birthday, but it looks like he’s still feisty. And let us pause to thank him for introducing the co-ed gym. [AOL News]

Where Ya Goin’, Five-Head?

What’s that, you say? The other kids dissing your put-downs because they’re played? The guys at The Grooming Lounge have put together a short list of slang terms for unkempt facial hair, skin problems, and other unfortunate issues that you can use to feel superior to your fellow man. Bat Wings? That’s a new one. [The Grooming Lounge]

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