Have a More Manly Summer [Best-of]

by Michael on July 5, 2011 · 1 comment

Up the rebels.

By any official or unofficial method of measurement, summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere. And to salute the return of hot (or hotter—hi Phoenix) weather, here are some articles to help you dress, eat, and date better this year.

Dress Up (or Down) for the Weather

There’s nothing like grabbing that old favorite t-shirt (just a few little holes), the calf-length jean shorts and a pair of flip-flops and hitting the bars with the guys, right? Funny how the women you meet all seem to have a phone number of 555-1212, huh?

Grillin’ and Chillin’

Is that lighter fluid I smell? If so, why? Get yourself a damn charcoal chimney already, and then make sure you’re using the grill right, and complementing your meat with a tasty, healthy, cool salad.

Summer Survival

It’s not all fun and games when the weather gets hot. Keep yourself safe and healthy, and live to skinny-dip another day.

  • How to Hydrate is the complete why and how of keeping your body moist on the inside, because by the time you get thirsty you’re already late on the hydration train.
  • How to Perform 14 Basic Skills, Part 2 includes “Learn the Breaststroke,” and advice to help you learn how to swim. This is a basic survival skill everyone should know.

Look Great

You want that beach body? Well, time’s a-wastin’. If you haven’t already subscribed to receive your free Starter Workout, you can find some basic help here:

  • A Simple Starter Workout is the original workout plan I happen to be using again right now to get into fighting trim. You can too.
  • No-Weights Workout offers some easy moves you can do outside. Just don’t hog the kids’ jungle gym for too long, okay?

Get a Date

Yes, the ladies seem to look even prettier in their summer clothes. No, it’s no more difficult to talk to them than it was when they looked like Eskimos. If you’re not using my online dating book (available free), at least forearm yourself with a few tips.

  • What Do You Say to a Girl? You’re walking on the beach with a buddy, and the girl of your dreams is coming right toward you. Do you start with a firm, “Hi,” and then confidently move on to an intriguing question for her, or devolve into a puddle of jelly? I can help you there.

The National Pastime

If you’re absolutely stuck for something to do, and living in America, there’s probably a ballpark five minutes away. And whether you want to go nuts for your favorite player or kick back in the sun with a brew and some conversation (not too loud), the ballyard is an excellent place to do it.

  • Take Yourself Out to the Ballgame will help you if you decide only the big-leagues will do (try Triple-A instead, trust me) you can navigate the minefield of consumerism that is a major league ballpark with your credit rating intact.

Whatever you do this summer, be safe, calm and confident. Have fun out there.


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Great tips! Very informative post… Thanks!


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