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What makes a man a man?

Technology advances and tools change, but the essence of manhood is constant. Mental, physical and social well-being are as critical to thrive in a fast-moving modern world as they were when we hunted and foraged for our meals.

The Tao of Bachelorhood features down-to-earth lifestyle information for regular guys. No bikini photos, drinking games or videos of hockey fights, unless it’s to make a point. Instead we’ll explore both the big picture (keeping your integrity, behaving consistently and acting boldly) and the details of dating, grooming, fitness, relationships, clothes and nutrition.

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About Michael Cox

Michael Cox

Michael Cox

I’ve been a bachelor all my life. That may not seem like a selling point, but it’s worked for me so far. Along the way I’ve sought out information from all sources, from the usual men’s books and ‘zines to Queer Eye to personal discussions with world-famous pickup artists. I’m also a certified personal trainer.

The women I’ve dated and/or been in short- or long-term relationships with have ranged from models to scientists, athletes to life coaches, from across the globe. (And in the process I’ve botched plenty of dates too.) I’ve maintained a healthy mind and body, can cook my own nutritious meals and own a pair of $500 shoes (the famous designer’s store was closing and they were 70% off!).

But that’s all stuff. Respect and interest are earned. I’ll do my best to earn yours.

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