Hump-day Links XII

September 2, 2009 Dressing

With the Dog Days finally over, the Internet have returned to their keyboards to give you the information and entertainment you so richly deserve. As always, I strive to maintain a one-stop shop of the most vital tidbits: Slap Fight! Slap Fight!: How to Lead an Empty Romantic Existence is a continuation of Conor Friedersdorf’s […]

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Hump-day Links XI: The All-Advice Edition

August 26, 2009 Dressing

I’m shaking up the Hump this week, starting off with a phalanx of online helpers who want to improve your life. In the interest of guidance, I’ve ranked the tips from “solid” to “say wha’?” Take the Red Pill: There Are No Short Sleeved Dress Shirts takes one of the worst fashion faux-pas and tells […]

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Hump-Day Links X

August 19, 2009 Dressing

Happy Wednesday! I was going to include more on fashion, but the press has all decided to take a break in order to laugh at that Harvard stuff. Not that there isn’t a boatload of fun and education available out there: From the “Duh” Desk: Do Single Women Seek Attached Men? is about a study […]

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Hump-day Links

August 12, 2009 Dressing

I’m not especially proud of the turnout in Linksville this week. It’s just been a lean period for good men’s stories, unless you’re into dressing like it’s the ’50s, in which case I bet you know that Mad Men is starting a new season, because I don’t think I’ve seen a PR blitz like it […]

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5 Steps For Dealing With Male-Pattern Baldness

August 7, 2009 Grooming

Deforestation above the ears has always been vexing to the men who suffer from it (i.e., not Bob Barker). The day comes for most men when they look in the mirror, see their mane thinning for the first time, and sigh quietly as they’re forced to come to terms with it. And for a single […]

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Shaving: A Lost Art?

July 21, 2009 Grooming

While I’m not sure that putting a razor to the man-bits is such a smart idea, there’s a lot to be said for good facial grooming. And some of us are lucky: in a pinch I can grab one of the free disposable face-rippers at the gym, quickly slap some Barbisol on my mug and […]

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Cheap Whitening Methods Neither Cheap Nor Whitening

July 16, 2009 Grooming

Today’s Men’s Health Minute features two methods of making your teeth whiter that have proven to be pretty much old wives’ tales. First, the Minute recommends you spring for an electric toothbrush, claiming it removes stains and plaque better than the hand-cranked model. Unfortunately, actual science has proven that electrics are no better than a […]

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Hump-day All-Stars

July 15, 2009 Dressing

I was just thinking about what I was doing the last time the National League won an All-Star Game: I was working for a major corporation for the first time in my life, and had just built my first site on that new Web thingy everyone was buzzing about. Ahh, static, handwritten HTML. In that […]

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