Dealing With Problems

July 9, 2010 Living

Problems strike when you least expect them. Today I was beginning my work day when my computer suddenly froze. I restarted, but was greeted with the “where’s the disk?” message. Hmm. Restarting again, I listened for the reassuring click of the hard drive, only to find abject silence. My hard drive is toast. While I […]

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My Best Stuff and Reminders

July 3, 2010 Dressing

Before I dash off for the Independence Day weekend, I think it’s a great time to offer up some of the best of the first half of 2010. But first, let’s take care of a couple of items of business… I’ll Review Anything This one won’t last long: if you have a book, a gadget, […]

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How to Ask Better Questions

June 16, 2010 Living

After the Lakers’ fifth-game loss to Boston, the media gathered in the press room for the usual post-game press conference. A parade of coaches and players marched in and out, highlighted as usual by Kobe Bryant. It was time for the gathered media to think of insightful topics and questions that could draw out the […]

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Lessons from Dennis Hopper

May 30, 2010 Living

Dennis Hopper passed away on May 29, from complications brought on by prostate cancer. From the moment he broke out in Easy Rider to his last starring role in the TV-series version of Crash, he has truly marched to his own drummer on-screen. Off-screen he was the same, by all reports. In the ’70s and […]

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Enjoy Your Achievements Today

May 22, 2010 Living

Lord knows I’ve made fun of the Men’s Fitness/Men’s Health-type magazines in the past, but there is wisdom to be found there on occasion. These words from Men’s Fitness Editor-in-Chief Roy S. Johnson are some of that wisdom: Too many guys stop working out because they aren’t seeing the progress they want…Many of us do […]

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Be a Man About It: Deal With Difficult People

May 13, 2010 Living

Difficult people sometimes feel like an obstacle course on the path to what we want: a smooth career trajectory, harmonious family relations, good times with friends. From time to time you’ll run into people with an agenda, people who aren’t paying attention (yet act on their convictions), and people who just seem to want to […]

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New Amp Energy Reviews…and a Giveaway!

April 27, 2010 Living

Over the past decade, energy drinks have become as common as, well, coffee. You can’t walk on the beach without seeing someone with a Monster or Rockstar in their hand, and the college-bar drink of choice for the past several years has been the Vodka-Red Bull. Even I have been known to break down and […]

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Return of the Links

April 24, 2010 Dressing

The old Hump-day Links feature kind of wore out its welcome with me several months ago—sometimes there just aren’t enough quality links in a week to fill an article, and the really good ones deserve a post and discussion of their own. However, when I accumulate some interesting/humorous reading that might also offer something to […]

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