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I Will (Still) Review Anything

The agreement I made more than a year ago is still in effect: if you have a product that relates to men’s health, grooming, or relationships, I will review it. Just contact me at and I’ll give you instructions to send it on to me. The primary stipulation is that I will always give an honest review—good or bad.

In that vein, I’ve received a couple of interesting products recently that I’ll have reviews for soon.

Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2011

Last year I authored the month-long Ultimate Spring Cleaning series: a daily task for your home, your world and yourself. You can find the series at that link, all year around, but I’ll be fine-tuning the daily tasks for 2011.

Starting April 4, anyone who wants to participate in Spring Cleaning can find a daily prompt and can join in the discussion at the Tao of Bachelorhood Facebook page. If you Like that page, you’ll get the daily tasks posted to your Facebook wall as well.

New Freebies!

I’ll be sweetening the pot for you very soon, with some new freebies that can be yours for subscribing. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but they’re a couple of the most asked-for items by readers, and they’ll be completely free.

Japan and You

Finally, if you haven’t fully been made aware of the scope of destruction in the Japan earthquake/tsunami, it’s very bad. The devastation caused by the tidal wave in particular was huge in scope, and there is still the ongoing drama of two nuclear plants in at least partial meltdown. My suggestion is that you use this opportunity to help both the Japanese people and yourself.

How yourself? Despite the immense proportions of the earthquake and the rapid follow-up by the tsunami, there will be many fewer deaths than other events of similar or even smaller magnitude. The reason: the Japanese people knew the risks and took all reasonable precautions. Not just the government, but families and individuals knew what to do and where to go when disaster struck.

Do you have the supplies necessary for a week or more without phone or electricity? Do you know the safest routes for evacuation or the nearest shelters? If disaster strikes, can you act on a moment’s notice, no matter where you are? The time you take to be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions may be the most important time you can spend. Whether your area is prone to earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or any other possible large-scale event, being prepared may save not only your life, but those of the ones you love.

Also, help the Japanese relief efforts by donating what you can. Rescuing those still stranded or trapped, providing meals and emergency care to survivors who have lost everything, and assistance in cleaning up the damage are all vital even in a relatively wealthy nation. In the US you can donate $10 specifically earmarked for Japan by texting “REDCROSS’’ to 90999, or make larger donations at Better yet, make your donation an “unrestricted” donation, so that if the relief effort is over-funded the Red Cross can redirect the funds to other areas in need.

Thanks once again for reading.

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Now this...THIS is humiliation. (Photo by TenSafeFrogs)

Now this...THIS is humiliation. (Photo by TenSafeFrogs)

A fitting end to National Singles Week is the news (actually a couple of weeks old, mostly because the media kind of whispered it) that Sean McGinn has dropped his lawsuit against Citing the “amount of ridicule” he received from “sensationalized media coverage,” McGinn has chosen to recede into the background, presumably with the woman his lawyer says he met on the service.

The problem here is not entirely with McGinn himself. No doubt he became frustrated and maybe even angry because he wasn’t getting the online responses he thought he deserved. (Sean, if you’re reading this, save this link and use it next time you try online dating.) But my guess is that the words “humiliation,” “fear of rejection” and “anxiety” weren’t his own. Furthermore, his lawyer had rounded up 15 more “ignored and rejected” singles in order to achieve class-action status for the suit. No one involved seemed to anticipate the sad humor involved in portraying a man as racked with emotion over LuvToTrvl1818 not responding to his winks.

That’s not to say this couldn’t have been avoided. In my previous post on the matter I said about all that needs to be said: you’re in charge of how you deal with dating, not the site nor the women. But I’ll add one more thing: the minute you look for public sympathy, you can also expect some public ridicule. This rule applies whether “going public” means suing, breaking up by changing your Facebook status, or Tweeting about your moldy apartment.

But basic manly skills can help you with even this. Build your confidence and apply critical thinking to what you’re hoping to accomplish and the risks involved, then either go in with your eyes wide open or maybe take a different approach.

Like perhaps just asking for a refund.

Dater loses the ‘Match’ [NY Post]

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The Total Man: Use Critical Thinking

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Why You’re Single and Unhappy

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