Sport Coats: Not Just For Anchormen

May 21, 2010 Dressing

The sport coat is more dressy than a hoodie or bomber, but less formal than a suit jacket. It can be perfect for wearing on a night out with the guys, or for a first date. With a selection of two or three sport coats, you can mix and match them for virtually any occasion. […]

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6 Items of Clothing Every Man Should Own

March 1, 2010 Dressing

You’re looking in your closet the day before your big date. You own some old button-down patterned shirts, some polos, an old pair of pleated khakis and about nine t-shirts from concerts you attended in the ’90s. You start to panic. You look at your shoe storage area, which is the space behind the front […]

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8 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

January 18, 2010 Dressing

Men struggle with fashion. That’s a plain fact you can prove for yourself just by going to a sports bar. But with some simple guidelines we can all dress better and maybe attract a few more women in the process. I’m not talking about something like 12 mistakes men make when dressing. When women write […]

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Pants on the Ground

January 15, 2010 Dressing

I’m not someone who watches American Idol until they get to about the Top 5, and even then only if there’s someone interesting, but this was awesome: I know, I know, I’ve talked about this before, but the General makes a point: after the age of about 16, droopy drawers are an indication that you […]

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Men

December 18, 2009 Dressing

With one week until Christmas, you may be sweating the eventual trip to the jam-packed mall to do battle with the masses over the ugly sweaters and iPod knockoffs that remain. I have done this, and found myself waiting in enormous lines to buy pitiful crap that the recipient must then pretend he likes. Don’t […]

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Sites to See: Men’s Underwear Blog

December 15, 2009 Dressing

Underwear is important. If you’ve read my guide to all things boxer and brief but you’re looking for a wider selection, you might want to try the Men’s Underwear Blog. From jockstraps to long johns, MUB keeps tabs on the manufacturers, styles and stores who offer a dizzying array of cuts, colors and patterns. Word […]

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For God’s Sake, Man, Buy Your Own Underwear

November 12, 2009 Dressing

A new survey by British department store Debenhams says men don’t like buying underwear. And while I think surveys like this are self-promotional junk, there are a couple of points to be made. First, the survey notes that men under 26 say they prefer “tight briefs,” men 26-33 say they prefer boxers, and men over […]

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Hump-day Links XIX

October 21, 2009 Dressing

The week before Halloween, and it’s kind of quiet. I’ve got my costume, have been growing out my beard especially for it (No, I’m going neither as ZZ Top nor Band of Horses) and I’ve got my connection for easy party access. If you don’t have your costume, I just wrote something that might help. […]

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