I Click It So You Don’t Have To: “How Old Do You Look?”

October 1, 2009 Health & Fitness

Since I brought you the inaugural “I Click It” post, there’s good news and bad: on the plus side, it looks like Men’s Health has fixed the worst examples of incredibly non-descriptive “teases.” On the negative side, the actual articles behind those links are still often useless. Yesterday this was the headline I saw in […]

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Hump-day Links XVI

September 30, 2009 Dressing

The days are getting brisker, the leaves are turning, and overweight guys with helmets are bashing into each other. Of course, that means two things: 1) Fall is here, and 2) Australians are laughing at us. This week’s assortment of links follows: Why Not Just Wear Underpants and Leggings?: Complaint Box | I See London […]

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Workout: Crossfit

September 17, 2009 Health & Fitness

There are workouts that create big, rippling muscles. Others maintain a steady heart rate to burn fat. Still others that increase your endurance and agility. Then there’s Crossfit. Designed for “elite athletes” and military personnel, Crossfit has trickled down to folks who are looking for an all-around fitness program — improving strength, endurance, agility, speed, […]

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Hump-day Links XI: The All-Advice Edition

August 26, 2009 Dressing

I’m shaking up the Hump this week, starting off with a phalanx of online helpers who want to improve your life. In the interest of guidance, I’ve ranked the tips from “solid” to “say wha’?” Take the Red Pill: There Are No Short Sleeved Dress Shirts takes one of the worst fashion faux-pas and tells […]

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Gym Basics

August 20, 2009 Health & Fitness

Now you have a solid workout plan, including a warmup and post-exercise strategy. Once in a while you just get outside and do some body-weight exercises — great. But it occurred to me today that I might be leaving something out. Why? Because it happened again. A guy walked out of the showers, soaking wet, […]

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Hump-Day Links X

August 19, 2009 Dressing

Happy Wednesday! I was going to include more on fashion, but the press has all decided to take a break in order to laugh at that Harvard stuff. Not that there isn’t a boatload of fun and education available out there: From the “Duh” Desk: Do Single Women Seek Attached Men? is about a study […]

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Why the Media Won’t Make You Thin

August 11, 2009 Health & Fitness

The latest issue of Time magazine features the cover story, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin. While this is technically true (I’ll get to that), the problem is how this widely read US magazine demonstrates the way the mass media muddies the waters and prevents you from looking and feeling healthier. The crux of the […]

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No-Weights Workout

August 7, 2009 Health & Fitness

As I’ve said before, the critical factors to success in a workout plan are commitment and intensity. You need both before you’ll really see results. Most guys can build intensity when they do go work out, but the challenge is really making the commitment, and maintaining it. Getting in the groove of a workout program […]

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