Hump-day Links

August 5, 2009 Dressing

Things have been pretty hectic here at Chez Michael, but never so hectic that I can’t spot some fine Internet links to shock and awe you. This week is no exception, with ritual head-shaving, silly women’s rules we choose to ignore, and guys just sitting around drinking beer. Preferably not in tights. Next, Biggest Loser […]

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How to Hydrate

August 4, 2009 Health & Fitness

The dog days of summer are here – summer festivals, sports, and even tailgating at the alma mater’s football games can take their toll on your fluid levels. You may think you’re gassed from a workout or tipsy from the Coors Light (seriously, Coors Light? You need better friends), but that headache, blurry vision or […]

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The Two Critical Factors for Fitness Success

April 6, 2009 Health & Fitness

To a great extent, I love change. And nowhere in my life is this more evident than in my workout program. I’ve gone through a straight weight-training routine, became a running disciple, tried Body For Life…I don’t think I’ve spent more than six months with the same regimen. I’ve even invented my own routine. (It […]

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