Halloween costumes for menHalloween — the one day everyone lets their shields down and lets themselves enjoy being someone, or something, else for a night. There isn’t a time of the year where it’s easier to meet women than it is at your local Halloween parties.

Unfortunately, Halloween is also the one holiday where  procrastinators stand out like sore thumbs. By the second week in October, the local costume shops are a wasteland of random “muscle chest Batman” and vinyl bacon costumes. You might do better with something rush-shipped from Amazon, but the odds are high that someone else will be wearing the exact same pirate garb.

Why not use a brain cell or two instead, and come up with something that gets you noticed?

If you’re stuck for costume ideas, I’ll try to get you unstuck with some helpful tips and recommendations for a Halloween costume that maximizes your interaction with the ladies.

Halloween is Awesome

It’s my favorite holiday, hands down, for very good reason:

It enables me to be creative. I can put together a unique costume and create a character for a night. Last year I was a Fallen Angel, with dirty wings, a skimpy (for a guy) toga that showed off my six-pack, and sandals, with heavy eyeliner and an English accent (I just love doing English accents). The year before I was a Glam rock star, with big hair, a feather boa and platform boots covered with glitter. And an English accent.

People are out to have fun. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays, people are under pressure. They have to deal with family (or think about the lack of family), plan travel, buy gifts, fight crowds at stores and airports. On Halloween the only expectation is to have fun.

Women are massively approachable — and they’ll more frequently approach you. This is the one night a year when women want to forget their everyday lives and just have fun. Add costumes and you have the recipe for fantasy. You also have a natural opener: comment on her costume. From there, you can role-play based on your costumes…who knows where it will lead. I’ve never failed to get numbers and dates from Halloween parties, ever.

Dress for Success

To maximize your fun, as well as your interaction with women, it helps to have an interesting costume. One costume endorsed by pickup artists for its mingling ability is the giant Facebook page with a hole where the profile picture would go. (That’s where you put your face, in case you haven’t caught on.) There’s a metric ton of great examples here.

Now that every party in America will have a dude “dressed up” as Facebook, we can move on to some principles for a great costume:

Play up your strong points. Got muscles? Go as a 300 gladiator or Thor. Resemble a rock star or actor? There’s your character. Pale? Vampires are always hot.

Instead of a pre-packaged costume, try making your own (or make friends with a seamstress). Some rental costumes are amazing, but the best ones go well in advance. So run with that crazy idea. Honest to God, I once went to a party on about three hours’ notice, with a random selection of socks and underwear stapled to my clothes. Yes, I went as Static Cling — and secured a date with the hottest girl in the room.

You don’t have to make something 100 percent from scratch: head over to the local costume store, thrift shop or Amazon and mix and match pieces.

Don’t make yourself ugly or wear a mask, at least if meeting women is a goal. Ideally, she should be able to recognize you if she meets you for a date down the road. Hint: this is one time of year when it’s acceptable to wear “guyliner,” so make those eyes pop!

Here to elaborate on this and more is Carlos Xuma, who is one of the better coaches out there:

As far as some pictorials with costume ideas, look no further than this list of good, bad and ugliness. You’re welcome. Now go out there and make me proud.

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