Infographics are everywhere, and people eat them up because they’re concise and include pictures, and some of us simply don’t like to read too many words.

In that spirit, I’m presenting two infographics: one with some great tips for your work and life, and another just for fun.

How to Be More Likable

The first is a promo for Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment. It’s a graphic titled “How to Increase Your Likability,” and although the tips are presented as business tactics, they can help you make friends and even date better. Every single tip here is solid, and if you’re not doing this stuff now, you have no excuse not to start.

All Hail the ‘Stache

The second of our infographics is pure fun…unless you’re serious about your mustache. “Mo Facts” is a collection of stats (unsourced) and opinion on the growing, maintenance and look of those men who choose to keep a hirsute upper lip. (The one about the 1971 Oakland A’s is true. I saw Rollie Fingers in the stands at an A’s game and he still has his handlebar ‘stache.)

There you have it, graphic fans!

How to Increase Your Likability [Guy Kawasaki]

Mo Data: The Everyguyed Guide to the Stache [Everyguyed]

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